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         Assembly source

Vodet My first fooling around with the PE format. This program protects an exe by making the exe password protected.
First verison of Faim which is able to connect
Older version of Faim
Latest version of Faim
RLE engine
Rigda, a dissembler [abandoned/not planning to continue to work on it]
Engine that Rigda runs on
Hobby os that I am working on

         C source

Bignum: Coded for solving questions on acm so that I could cut and past it when I need it.
My own code lib: Compiliation of codes I commonly use for solving acm questions.
Pollard rho factoring method: The original method for pollard rho factoring. Simple code based on birthday paradox. Code uses GMP. Use -lgmp when compiling that code.
Richard Brent's variant of pollard rho: This is Richard Brent's modified variant of pollard rho factoring method. Code uses GMP. Use -lgmp when compiling that code.

         Graph Book

This is the book on graph that I have been working on.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Graphs
Chapter 2: Graph Trasversal (Still incomplete)
Chapter 3: Shortest path (Still incomplete)
Chapter 4: Minimum Spanning Tree (Still incomplete)
Chapter 5: Eulerian path and circuit