FAIM 0.21 is out now. The updates could be found in the readme.txt that comes with the zip file. Please download the latest and use it instead of the previous verisons.

roticv (21 January 07)

Finally I gave this site a new look. It looks so much better now.

roticv (20 January 07)

I will be redesigning FAIM from the grounds up, that is to say re-writing the whole program. Give it some time for another verison of FAIM to be out. Also I am seeking someone's help to design for me new icons for FAIM. I don't think it is nice using those by ICQ.

roticv (08 August 06)

If you are here to download faim, do download it from here. If you are looking for me for comments/feedback on faim, you can drop an email to email address. Please don't send any spam to me.


About FAIM

FAIM is the most compact ICQ client among messengers (34 Kb).

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